Why Black Rock?

Four reasons you should consider our church...

The Bible.

Though the Bible is a mystery to most people, it’s the one book God has protected for thousands of years so man could know Him. It’s through this book that we learn not only of God’s justice, but also of His tender love and how to walk with Him. At our services, you will hear the Bible explained in ways that will impact your life forever.

The Lord.

No matter what some people say, God is real. He is alive today, and He wants to be a part of our lives. At Black Rock Bible, we’ll help you come to know God on His terms, the way He wants. It’s all about living for Him.

Your Children.

Children are shaped by the world around them. We have decided to give our children the kind of love and teaching they need to prepare them for life. From the nursery through senior high, our children are presented with many opportunities to know God and learn how to serve Him.


We all have a tendency to stray from God- we need constant reminders of what He has done and how we should respond. You need a place where the Bible is taught, and need friends who are interested in knowing God and living for Him.